Training and Professional Development

Once we have determined the optimal role for you to fulfil in this colony enterprise, you will go through a series of intense training and knowledge sharing sessions to ensure you have the skills necessary for the position.

These training sessions will last for approximately one week, and will include integration and conditioning exercises to help you to adjust to the new morph that will come with the position.

In addition, your personal assistant MUSE AI will be updated with Mk3 skillsoft firmware to assist you with your role.


Administrative Support & Logistics

This training stream focuses on giving you the skills and training necessary to help with the essential day to day operations of a colonial settlement. You will learn vital administrative skills, and be given a broad grounding in the latest engineering and logistics methodologies.

As a key part of the emergency management team, you will also be given basic training in the sorts of emergencies that may arise, and ways to counter them.


Design, Fabrication & Engineering

This program has been assembled to provide a broad series of skills necessary for the design and construction of new colony facilities and the maintenance of hardware. You will be given the very latest AAD software and training, and be briefed on local geological and geographical conditions, to ensure that the colony compound and satellite outposts will remain robust and weather local conditions for years to come.


Biological Research & Analysis

This training package will prepare you for the task of biological surveying and bioanalysis. You will learn the various intricacies involved in gene sequencing and compatibility testing, and in the study of wildlife, microlife, insect life, and plantlife, both in the field and in the lab.


Mineralogical Geoscience

This training stream has been designed to teach the various methods and methodologies of geographical surveying, geological prospecting, geophysical scanning, and industrial excavation. You will learn a variety of techniques for charting natural features, finding valuable minerals and ores, and setting up industrial mining and processing equipment.


Medical / Technical

This training program focuses on teaching the various methods and practices of current medical practice, including the treatment of biological morphs, the repair of synthetic morphs and robots, and the complications of biosynthetic POD morphs.

Training and Professional Development

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