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New Trustee Orientation Package

Welcome to the Khemel Cooperative – a joint venture of Hadrin Labs and Metaltech Corporation.

As a new partner and trustee in this enterprise, you have become a part of the Pathfinder Colonization Initiative – the key to the future of the human race. These are exciting times – and together, we can build the future under new skies.


Forward: Background & Setting

Since the destruction of Earth and the devastation of the transhuman race, the corporations of the Planetary Consortium have spearheaded the recovery of society. Consortium-driven construction and development programs have lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of thriving transhuman habitats and communities throughout the solar system, and Corporate reinstantiation initiatives and workforce arrangements have aided and supported the many thousands of infolife refugees created by the evacuation of Earth with finding new bodies and rebuilding their lives.

In the last several years, an exciting new era of transhuman civilization has been launched – the Pathfinder Colonisation Initiative. For the first time in recorded history, the transhuman race has travelled beyond the boundaries of Sol and established new homes on other worlds.

This new era is thanks to the discovery of the Pandora Gate – a mysterious artifact of unknown origin that allows for instantaneous travel between Pathfinder City and myriad other worlds throughout the galaxy. These new worlds, rich in natural resources, untamed wildlife, unique animal species and sweeping landscapes, are the key to the future of transhumanity, and now the Pathfinder Colonization Initiative steps forward to offer exciting new opportunities to travel the galaxy and do your part to help.

With this new era comes exciting new ways of doing business. Hadrin Labs and Metaltech Corporation are working together to offer amazing new opportunities for transhumans to forge a new life for themselves under alien skies – the Khemel Cooperative.

Together, these companies have staked a claim on planet Khemel Alpha, and now our new colony needs you to help it expand. Located in a tranquil river valley, surrounded by rolling hills and evergreen forests, this is the ideal setting for the next chapter of transhuman development. Together, we will discover new life, new resources, develop amazing new products, and help you to secure a brand new life for yourself.

No longer will employees be tied to extensive contracts and long-term indenture – sign up today for our One Year Mission, and secure your new life today!

<< For further reading on these topics, please examine the relevant library documents >>


Colony Goals and Outcomes

Licensing rights to colony world #PCI10671a and attached satellites have been purchased by Khemel Cooperative on behalf of its parent corporations. The planet has been officially designated Khemel Alpha, the two attached satellites Khemel Beta and Khemel Delta.

<< For detailed information on these planetary bodies, please examine the relevant reports >>


A colony structure has been built around the area of the Pandora Gate, consisting of several structures and 14 on-site staff. Further development and construction is ongoing, with an anticipated completion within 3 weeks.

The purpose of this colony is the exploration, surveying, scientific research, geological surveying and exploitation of the surrounding area, examining the prospects of large-scale colonization, mining, and terraforming. This colony represents a long-term investment in the future, and has received considerable venture capital and support from financial backers.

As part of our Second Wave team, you will assist with the expansion of the colony, the establishment of scientific outposts, and the initial surveys and preparations for the Third Wave of colonists in one year’s time.

Should you wish to be considered for inclusion in the Third Wave of colonists, please indicate this to HR during your interviews.


HR Meeting and Background Check

Now that you have signed up with Khemel, we need to find the best fit for your own unique talents and capabilities. A HR representative will meet with you within the next 24 standard hours to go over your skillset, capabilities, background, social network history, psychological profile, and psychogenetics. This will be carried out in accordance with standard Commonwealth regulatory guidelines, and will resemble the standard HR procedures carried out by other organizations.

During your meeting, please be open, honest, and forthright. We cannot find the best fit for your talents if we do not know everything about you, so to avoid future disappointment and liability, be sure to answer all questions to the best of your ability.

After this meeting, the Supply department will discuss arrangements for the safe storage of your current biomorph and personal possessions. Please note that there is a limit of 1 biomorph and 1 cubic metre of physical items, and that any items in addition to this allowance are not the responsibility of Khemel Cooperative or its members.

<<Please contact HR if you do not agree with this regulation, and wish to discuss your future with the Khemel Cooperative>>
<< Refer to ‘KCD104 – HR Meeting’ node >>


Orientation and Training

To prepare you for your duties with Khemel as part of our colonization initiative, you will be run through a series of time-compressed virtual training programs, delivered by the industry’s leading educators. These programs are designed to enhance your existing skills and talents and ensure that you arrive through the gate prepared for whatever you encounter.

Your ego will then be sleeved into your new morph. This morph is being provided as part of your equipment package for the colonization mission. Specialist advisors will be on hand, to help you adjust to your new body, and a series of training programs will assist you in learning all of your new capabilities.

Finally, we will run you through a series of specialist program, to prepare you for your role in the colony organizational structure. You will learn vital technical skills from leading experts, skills which will help you in a future career after the completion of the project.

The following programs are available:

  • Medical / Technical
  • Design, Fabrication & Engineering
  • Biological Research & Analysis
  • Mineralogical Geoscience
  • Administrative Support & Logistics

For more information on any of these topics, please contact your HR representative.

<< Refer to ‘KCD105 – Training Plans’ node >>


Equipment Requisition

All of the tools and equipment you could possibly need will be made available to you to requisition for the mission. As well as standard equipment that you will be given according to your position, the Supply department carries a vast array of items, an allowance of which will be provided to you for the duration of the colonization mission.

Remember that these items remain company property, and due care and consideration should be taken in their use.

<< Refer to ‘KCD109 – Supply & Requisition’ node >>



Based on your area of expertise, you will be placed in one of five different areas in the colony infrastructure, as previously detailed.

These areas are vital to the continued expansion, development, and sustainability of the overall colonization venture, and each involves a short series of intense specialist training around its various responsibilities and requirements.

General Responsibilities

Colonial employees, in addition to their regular duties, will be expected to carry out regular survey and exploration missions, and act in the best interests of the overall mission. All employees not engaged in vital tasks are expected to assist division specialists in their duties.

Note: In compliance with Pathfinder Colonization Initiative policies for Stage-1 and Stage-2 offworld colonies, all employees are asked to carry side-arms and survival belts when working or travelling outside of the colony site.

Medical Technician

The medical technician will be responsible for the health, well-being, recovery and repair of all employees on the colony site. The technician will also be expected to catalogue and research local virii and microlife, and investigate the health impacts of colonial life. The technician will be expected to assist the Bioscience division with on-site research.

Engineering Technician

The engineering division will be responsible for the day to day maintenance of colony facilities, buildings, and equipment, as well as the fabrication and construction of new expansions and new colony sites. The engineering division will be expected to co-ordinate with the geoscience division to assist with mineralogical surveys and mining operations, and co-ordinate with the colonial division to assist with logistics and transportation.

Bioscience Technician

The bioscience division will be responsible for surveying and cataloguing indigenous plant life and animal life, and conducting research into the possibilities of terraforming and the adaptation of Sol-native plant species to local conditions – and vice versa. Bioscience technicians will be expected to assist the Medical division with on-site research.

Geoscience Technician

The geoscience division will be responsible for surveying and cataloguing local geological and geographical features, as well as carrying out initial mineral surveys and setting up mining and extractions sites. Geoscience technicians will be expected to locate prime sources of minerals for future exploitation, as well as providing a steady stream of raw materials to assist the Engineering division with construction and expansion of colony facilities.

Colonial Technician

The colonial division is responsible for the day to day administration of the colony and coordinating the tasks and duties of other divisions. Colonial technicians will be expected to assist other divisions with important tasks, and provide logistical and administrative support for all members of colony staff.

<< Refer to ‘KCD103 – Position Descriptions’ node >>



The Khemel Cooperative, supported by our parent companies, is pleased to provide you, the employee, with the option to keep your assigned morph at the end of the contract. You will also be given the opportunity for future employment on Khemel Alpha, or with either of our parent companies.

We also offer favourable incentive-based lump-sum payment for services rendered, after final review of your year’s work. Overall success of the colony will determine bonus payments, rather than individual performance.

In addition to the above, you will also receive substantial compensation in company stock options, to the equivalent value of your final payment.



As manager of Khemel Cooperative, I would like to personally thank you for signing up for our brave new economic initiative. I look forward with great anticipation to reading your reports and visiting the colony site to see your handiwork first-hand.

The transhuman race is grateful to you for your bravery and initiative, in taking this vast step forward.

A.J. Khemel, Director

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