Welcome to the Khemel Cooperative – a joint venture of Hadrin Labs and Metaltech Corporation.

As a new partner and trustee in this enterprise, you have become a part of the Pathfinder Colonization Initiative – the key to the future of the human race. These are exciting times – and together, we can build the future under new skies.



Official Media Release

Since the destruction of Earth and the devastation of the transhuman race, the corporations of the Planetary Consortium have spearheaded the recovery of society. Consortium-driven construction and development programs have lead to the creation of hundreds of thousands of thriving transhuman habitats and communities throughout the solar system, and Corporate reinstantiation initiatives and workforce arrangements have aided and supported the many thousands of infolife refugees created by the evacuation of Earth with finding new bodies and rebuilding their lives.

In the last several years, an exciting new era of transhuman civilization has been launched – the Pathfinder Colonisation Initiative. For the first time in recorded history, the transhuman race has travelled beyond the boundaries of Sol and established new homes on other worlds.

This new era is thanks to the discovery of the Pandora Gate – a mysterious artifact of unknown origin that allows for instantaneous travel between Pathfinder City and myriad other worlds throughout the galaxy. These new worlds, rich in natural resources, untamed wildlife, unique animal species and sweeping landscapes, are the key to the future of transhumanity, and now the Pathfinder Colonization Initiative steps forward to offer exciting new opportunities to travel the galaxy and do your part to help.

With this new era comes exciting new ways of doing business. Hadrin Labs and Metaltech Corporation are working together to offer amazing new opportunities for transhumans to forge a new life for themselves under alien skies – the Khemel Cooperative.

Together, these companies have staked a claim on planet Khemel Alpha, and now our new colony needs you to help it expand. Located in a tranquil river valley, surrounded by rolling hills and evergreen forests, this is the ideal setting for the next chapter of transhuman development. Together, we will discover new life, new resources, develop amazing new products, and help you to secure a brand new life for yourself.

No longer will employees be tied to extensive contracts and long-term indenture – sign up today for our One Year Mission, and secure your new life today!


A.J. Khemel, Director



This campaign is currently in planning and development, and will be for some time.

Beyond the Gate

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